Independent Settlement Services


Quality assurance & compliance

ISS is committed to providing our customers with accurate real estate information and property valuation services. Our process starts with the vendor selection and the quality of our vendor panel.  By leveraging best-in-class vendor management technology, we assign orders to the most qualified vendor based on unique scoring system. We have found that using high quality vendors improves the overall quality of our reports, which ultimately leads to a higher rate of customer satisfaction. ISS also conducts an in-house quality control review on all appraisal, property valuation and title reports prior to delivery to our customers.  

ISS operates as an independent, unbiased third-party vendor partner and service provider to the mortgage industry.  We manage all products and services in compliance with federal and state laws as well as specific industry guidelines.  We also adhere to all AMC licensing requirements ensuring compliance with Dodd-Frank and AIR guidelines.